Solid Sterling Silver Viking-Era Berserker Lewis Chessman


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This is a replica of the Berserker, cast in solid 925 sterling silver. It stand 3 inches tall, and weighs just under 10 Troy ounces (around two-thirds of a pound).

The Lewis Chessmen are a Viking-era hoard of chess pieces carved from walrus tusk ivory in the 12th century. The Berserker pieces were used as warders, in place of the modern-day rook.

Berserkers were Viking warriors who fought in a frenzied fury, possibly in a drug-induced trance. In battle, they would howl like wild beasts, foam at the mouth, and gnaw the rims of their shields. According to belief, during these fits, they were immune to steel and fire, and made great havoc in the ranks of the enemy. When this fever abated, they were weak and tame.

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