Necromancer's Ring, Brass


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You've just defeated a powerful adversary, the Necromancer. While rifling through his belongings, the glint of metal catches your eye. It's a ring, polished to a high shine and sparkling in the dim torchlight. Its head accurately resembles a human skull -- or perhaps it's a real skull, magically resized and fused to the shank? In any case, you can make out even the finest details, down to the individual teeth and nasal bones -- and behind the skull, a series of concentric circles surround it, as if depicting a powerful energy radiating outward from the ring. Is it magic? Certainly. Is it cursed? Possibly, but raw power always comes with a bit of risk...

This ring is made of brass and while some rings in this style are hollow behind the face, which makes them lighter and cheaper, this one is completely filled in with brass. It was meticulously sculpted by hand, then cast into brass using lost wax casting. It was then polished by hand to a mirror finish.

To prevent tarnishing, a protective coating has been applied. This is also good news for certain people whose fingers turn green when in prolonged contact with certain metals -- the coating avoids this reaction. Please be aware that this protection may eventually wear off. How long it lasts can range from months to years, depending on how often it's worn, the acidity of the oils in your skin, and many other factors.

Note: Please allow up to 1 week for this item to be made.


  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Construction: Lost Wax Casting


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