Laser Engraved Leather Drink Koozie (Dragons)


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This handmade leather drink koozie is sized for a typical 12-ounce soda can. A panel of full-grain 5-ounce leather has been laser engraved with an AI-generated image of a dragon. After the image has been engraved, the edges were burnished until smooth and sealed with beeswax, and then the koozie was hand stitched using braided, beeswaxed polyester thread.

Customize It!

If you'd like to engrave your own custom artwork, for example an image of your D&D character or a photograph of your party (real or otherwise), it's no problem! Select "Your Custom Artwork" from the list of options.

Send your custom art to info@d20creations. Include your order number and describe how you would like the image to be laid out. (Scaled to fit, centered, etc.) If you do not specify the layout, it will be scaled to fit such that the entire image is visible.

The ideal image should be close to the aspect ratio 8.0 to 3.5, as this is the maximum usable area for this coozie. A perfect image size would be 1017 pixels wide and 445 pixels tall.

For best results, convert it to grayscale or black-and-white before sending it. Since colorful images must be converted to black and white, colors with similar value (brightness) will show as similar tones of gray, and may look washed-out. Thus, converting it to black-and-white first will give you a better idea of what it will look like.

There is a $5 surcharge for custom images.


  • Construction: Handmade
  • Material: Full Grain Leather


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