D20 Coin, Brass


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Every now and then you just need to roll a 1d2. This solid brass coin is perfect for the job! It has a 20 on the front face, a 1 on the back. It could also double as a "gold piece" for gaming groups that like to use props.

This coin measures 1 inch (25.4mm) from point to point -- just a little smaller than a standard D20 -- and 1/5 inch (4.8mm) in depth. It weighs about half an ounce (about 15 grams).

A protective coating has been applied to this piece to prevent it from tarnishing.

Note: Please allow up to 1 week for this item to be made.


  • Number of Sides: 2
  • Material: Brass
  • Construction: Lost Wax Casting


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