Brass "Gemstone" Stamps


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These brass stamps depict various gemstones and are ideal for leather stamping or wax sealing. The back of the stamp is flat, perfect for use with a press or any iron with a flat top (or even a simple flat top bolt from the local hardware store). A crosshair is engraved into the back of each stamp for easy alignment.

New Version

A new version of this stamp has been created. It's better in every way, so the original version is being retired. In the new version, the stamp face is 3mm deep, which provides a nice, crisp impression even on thicker leathers and is also appropriate for other mediums such as hot wax. The rear of the stamp is tapered slightly, which distributes force across the stamp more evenly. The crosshair is outset rather than inset, making it bolder and easier to see, and thanks to the taper, it's easy to see the crosshair even while a press or tool is obscuring the back of the stamp. There is a key (in the form of the D20 Creations logo) at the top of the stamp, making it easier to orient.

Note: All new orders will be filled using the new design. Please note that not all photographs have been updated. The shape and size of the impression has not been changed.

They are cast in solid brass and you can see how it's done below:


  • Construction: Lost Wax Casting
  • Material: Solid Brass


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