Adventurer's Journal, Small


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Adventurers need to be able to keep quest logs, make maps, and solve puzzles. And they can't do that if the parchment's torn, wrinkled and ruined by their third day in the Black Marsh. A proper adventurer needs a proper Adventurer's Journal.

This entirely handmade notebook cover is made from imported Italian leather, features thematic hand-cast brass "D20"/"D1" medallions on both the front and back covers, and sports a hand-tooled "dragon scale" pattern on the inside. There are 3 pockets -- two small and one large -- on the left and a single large pocket on the right that's perfectly sized to hold a 3.5" x 5.5" Field Notes memo book (included!), and an elastic pen loop to keep your favorite writing utensil handy.

The memo book can be easily replaced, making the Adventurer's Journal adaptable. You can swap out books for different characters, different adventures, or after simply running out of paper.

The medallions are first cast into solid high-quality brass, and then heat-treated to slightly separate the top layer of copper and zinc. The thin layer of copper gives the medallion a beautiful golden appearance, and the center of the medallion is polished to reveal the shiny silver-colored zinc just underneath. Then a protective coating is applied to the whole surface to prevent tarnishing.

The "dragon scale" tooling is meticulously stamped, one scale at a time, using a variety of different tools. When the scale is ready, finishing touches are added using a modelling spoon to give it just the right shape. A final antique pass brings out even the finest details, and a light wax finish gives the tooling a beautiful sheen while not making it look plastic or artificial.

Please allow up to 1 week to make this item. Because no two are alike, there may be minor differences from the photos.


  • Number of Pockets: 4
  • Material: Full Grain Leather
  • Construction: Handmade
  • Stitching Technique: Saddle Stitched by Hand
  • Tannery: Conceria Walpier, Italy
  • Thread: Rot-Proof Waxed Polyester


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